Leo: CCW Phoenix Rising is in the books with new champions crowned! Aug 16, 2020 9:11:23 GMT -5
Leo: Check out latest CCW news and rumors. Burchill released! Vicious and Delicious fail wellness tests! Aug 16, 2020 9:11:56 GMT -5
fifthhorseman: CWF Bash at the Beach - coming soon! Aug 16, 2020 19:23:21 GMT -5
fifthhorseman: Bash at the Beach 2020 is in the books! Who won? Who lost? Who debuted? Find out now! Aug 24, 2020 17:43:19 GMT -5
fifthhorseman: They're baaaaaaaaaaaaaack... Sept 6, 2020 21:57:19 GMT -5
fifthhorseman: The best-of-five series between Dusty Rhodes and Jack Brisco is over! Who lost? Who won? Who will face Rick Rude at the Survivor Series? Oct 27, 2020 11:36:28 GMT -5
Slade: The fourth season of Lucha Underground is complete. Ultima Lucha Cuatro - Part Two is now airing in the Mash-Up Wrestling Event Center! If you haven't read Part One, you can find it in the Lucha Underground show archives. Nov 8, 2020 7:51:00 GMT -5
Slade: Find out who became the first WWE Universal Champion at WWE Royal Rumble and who will challenge him at Wrestlemania! Feb 21, 2021 15:02:38 GMT -5
Slade: Challengers to the men's and women's World Championships were determined at WWE Elimination Chamber! The show is now airing in the MUW Event Center! Mar 21, 2021 9:29:23 GMT -5
MadStepDad: Where is the bottom half of the board? Feb 9, 2022 11:15:50 GMT -5
fifthhorseman: Winterslam is coming! Feb 27, 2022 15:08:26 GMT -5
fifthhorseman: Don't miss a special AWA Wednesday in Wisconsin when the NEW AWA World Heavyweight champion will be determined! Apr 9, 2022 14:55:33 GMT -5 *
fifthhorseman: AWA Autumn Bomb is in the books! Who defended their championships? Who LOST their championships? Who debuted? Go find out! Oct 22, 2022 18:25:14 GMT -5
Road Warrior Shark: WCCW Black Friday is LIve! Nov 24, 2022 14:32:34 GMT -5
Road Warrior Shark: Apologies for not commenting on anything in a couple weeks, been a rough stretch and haven't had the chance to sit and type (I read on my phone but hate posting from it) Keep up the good work guys Dec 8, 2022 12:08:01 GMT -5
Road Warrior Shark: WCCW The The End is Live! Dec 31, 2022 14:04:58 GMT -5
Road Warrior Shark: Been away at a wedding without much computer time. Put up an abbreviated show for now, & will correct that in the next week or so. Jan 12, 2023 14:43:23 GMT -5
MadStepDad: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY 2023!! Apr 1, 2023 11:32:33 GMT -5
King: GWA Mania card is posted with a backstory for you all. Apr 2, 2023 23:28:52 GMT -5
fifthhorseman: AWA Spring Slam is in the books! A title changed! Someone was betrayed! Who debuted? Go find out now! May 19, 2023 23:14:33 GMT -5
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